veggie 46,00e/ fish 53,50e/ meat 55,00e

 ”Fish trap” 
Grilled lavaret with smoked bream and pike-perch ceviche with pickled vegetables and dill seasoned mayonnaise,

Tofu seasoned with lovage from Krapi’s garden
with avocado purée and Salme style cucumbers with radish and summer vegetables with Beluga lentils
and truffel sauce with seed biscuit  

Catch of the day with scallop
fried fish with herb seasoned potatoes and roasted cauliflower with crayfish sauce
Grilled  Flank Steak

with roasted potato and sesam coleslaw with summer vegetables and avocado and tomato sauce
Juicy and crunchy apple with summer berries
and watermelon sorbet with raspberry seasoned caramel sauce