Public Sauna


Smoke sauna on Saturdays

Women at 14.00-16.00
Men at 16.00-18.00

Adults 18e
Hotel guests 15e
children 5-12years 10e, children under 5 years free

You can bring your own towel or rent from Krapi 5e / towel.
Sausages and drinks for sale.

Days for public saunas 2018

Sat 9.6.
Fri 22.6. (klo 14-18 mixed sauna with swimming suites on)
Sat 7.7.
Sat 18.8.
Sat 15.9.
Sat 13.10.
Sat 24.11.
Sat 22.12.

Please note that the dates may change, so checking them week before is recommened. / tel +358 9 274 84290