Restaurant Mankeli
- summer 2018 on the plate 


Green salad with  tomatoes, cucumber, radish, green sprouts, marinated red onion and Mankeli style salad dressing

Cheese salad
Roasted Halloumi-cheese (L) or goat cheese (LL)
with roasted beetroot, melon, strawberries and balsamic syrup
13,50e/small & 19,00e/ large

Krapi style country salad
Salme style cucumbers, marinated fennel, beans, cauliflower,
Krapi style smoked pork, egg with summer potatoes
13,50e/small & 19,00e/ large

Caesar salad
Romaine salad, croutons, Parmesan cheese ja Mankeli style Caesar dressing (also vegan)
Caesar naturelle 11,50e/small & 16,00e/ large
Roasted chicken leg 13,50e/small & 18,50e/ large
Grilled salmon 15,00e/small & 19,50e/ large
Grilled flank steak 15,00e/small & 19,50e/ large

Garlic snails
6 big French Helix Lucorum –snails withgarlic seasoned herb butter and Parmesan with roasted bread

”Fish trap”  
Grilled lavaret with smoked bream and pike-perch ceviche with pickled vegetables and dill seasoned mayonnaise

 with burgers we serve French fries, ketchup and green salad, red onion, tomatoes, Salme style cucumbers and horse radish mayonnaise

Vegan burger
Zucchini and broad bean patty with avocado and tomato sauce with smoked vegan cheese

Salmon burger
Fried salmon with Kimchi & dill mayonnaise

Chicken burger
Roasted chicken leg with Cheddar and bacon with Kimchi

grilled Black Angus beef with Cheddar, bacon, BBQ-sauce and Jalopeno compote


Tofu seasoned with lovage from Krapi’s garden
with avocado purée and Salme style cucumbers with radish and summer vegetables with Beluga lentils
and truffel sauce with seed biscuit   
13,50e/small & 20,50e/large

Catch of the day with scallop
fried fish with herb seasoned potatoes and roasted cauliflower with crayfish sauce
19,50e/ small & 28,00e/ large

Minute steak & country style French fries
with salad, Salme style cucumbers, summer vegetables, avocado and tomato sauce
15,00e/ 100g & 27,00e/ 200g

BBQ marinated pork ribs with Krapi’s spicy sausage and Vesa Salami
with Kimchi and French fries
23,50e/ small & 36,00e/ large

Grilled  Flank Steak
with roasted potato and sesam coleslaw with summer vegetables and avocado and tomato sauce

Side dishes 4,50e
Country style French fries/ Summer potatoes / Sesam-coleslaw / Kimchi /
Salme style cucumbers/ Warm vegetables / Summer salad


Lemon and cheese cake
with licorice sauce and strawberry sorbet

Juicy and crunchy apple with summer berries
and watermelon sorbet with raspberry seasoned caramel sauce

Churros seasoned with Mankeli’s lemonbalm sugar & Nespresso
with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream
13,00e, without Nespresso 11,00e

Ice Cream and sorbet from Suomen Jäätelö;
Ice creams: Vanilla/ Strawberry/ Chocolate / Mango and melon seasoned with chili
Sorbets: Strawberry / Watermelon
4,00e/ 1 cube or 11,00e/ 3 cubes
choose your sauce 0,70e;  
fudge/ chocolate/ licorice/ strawberry/ raspberry-caramel


Small hamburger & country style French Fries
Make your own style burger with
- grilled beef 100g
- Cheddar
- salad
- tomato
- Salme style cucumber
- sesam coleslaw
- red onion
- BBQ sauce
- horseradish mayonnaise
Grilled chicken & country style French fries
Salad, tomato, cucumber and seasoned butter

Minute steak & country style French fries
Salad, tomato, cucumber and seasoned butter
15,00e/ 100g