Krapi map

Krapi yards

In addition to Restaurant Krapihovi main building, Krapi yards house a curehouse, an old granary, Alitupa-lodge, a wine cellar, Restaurant Mankeli with its beer garden, Krapi Hotel in the old cattle stables, and a summer theatre. By the adjacent golf course you can find a clubhouse and the Golf Ateljeeri Cafe and if you follow the winding road through the golf course to Tuusula Lake you find Krapi’s chimneyless sauna being heated up by the lakeside.

1. Restaurant Krapihovi
2. Alitupa-lodge
3. Krapi Hotel
4. Krapi chimneyless sauna
5. Summer theatre
6. Old Granary
7. Kiln
8. Beer Garden
9. Restaurant Mankeli
11. Wine Cellar
12. Golf Ateljeeri Cafe

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