Five Season’s Lunch

Krapi’s Summerbuffet in the Restaurant Krapihovi

We serve Finnish summer delicacies on the lunch buffet daily in the Restaurant Krapihovi from 1st June to 29th August 2017

(Restaurant is closed Mon 3. - Mon 24.7.2017)

Mon to Fri– pe 11 am – 3 pm
Sat 12am – 4 pm
Sun 1pm – 3pm

 39,50e/person, main course included
28,00e/person, lunch buffet without main course
Sun 1pm – 3pm
42,50e/ person, main course included
30,00e/person, lunch buffet without main course
Children 5-12y 18,50e/person, children under 5y for free
closed Mon  3rd July to Mon 24th  July 2017

An example of one lunch, soup and main courses vary every day, All  products are lactose free.

From Finnish waters
Glacier’s arctic char, Mustard seasoned herring, Smoked vendace and summer potatoes
Fennel marinated salmon with lovage sauce
Lavaret with roasted kale and nettle pesto

From  garden
Ginger and cabbage salad, New potato and mushroom salad
Cinnamon seasoned cherry tomatoes, Honey seasoned carrots from Krapi’s cellar
Salme style vinegar seasoned cucumbers, Summer salad with rhubarb vinaigrette

Pure Finnish Native Cattle and farmlife
Country style pãté with nuts and marinated mushrooms
Overripe Native Cattle ribs with grilled summer vegetables
Smoked Native Cattle neck with spruce sprout syrup

From Krapi’s Smokery Palvaamo
Smoked lamb with rhubarb compote
Soup (varies everyday) & Krapi’s organic bread with butter
Krapi’s country style sausage with mustard and crushed lingonberries

Ingredients for main courses vary everyday
Monday: cockerel, chicken, goose, turkey
Tuesday: grilled or smoked finnish pork, wild boar
Wednesday: lamb, goat, game
Thursday: Pure Finnish Native Cattle
Friday: Finnish fish; pike, whitebait, pike-perch, perch, lavaret, arctic char
Saturday &Sunday : beef, veal, lamb, game

Elder flower and berries in jelly with vanilla seasoned cream
Milk kissel, Honey and coffee cake with Krapi’s compote
Coffee and tea &  Choclate from Brunberg

The set table passes on the story of the house. Good food is made with all that is available, every ingredient is appreciated and nothing is exaggerated. The whole heart is put to every taste. It is all recorded in the recipe book, the journey of generations. Herring, meatloaf, pâtés, sausages, salads, dressings, sauces, pies and puddings;  they all pass on a story of their own. Kitchen creates the soul of the house, delicious tastes and happiness... caring, the table is set.

Please, taste and enjoy...

Krapi dining room is set with a delicious story from the Finnish kitchen.

Tel.  09-274841