Finnish Spring Buffet in the Restaurant Krapihovi
from 22nd March until 29th May 2018

Spring is a new start for all the greens. First sprouts peek out from the snow. From March until the end of May table is set with colorful spring delicacies, not to forget Eastern lamb with garlic and herbs. All the dishes are lactose-free.

Mon to Fri– pe 11 am – 3 pm & Sat 12am – 4pm
39,50e/person, main course included & 28,00e/person, lunch buffet without main course
Children 5-12y 18,50e/person, children under 5y for free

An example of one lunch; soup and main courses vary every day. All the dishes are lactose-free.

from fresh waters of spring – Finnish organic food at its best
Glacier’s salmon, Cider seasoned herring, Tomato marinated whitebait from Pielinen & dill potatoes
Blancmange with cold smoked rainbow trout and roe, Dill and lemon marinated lavaret with wild herb sauce

From the garden and Krapi’s cellar
Green salad with sprouts and rhubarb vinegar sauce
Spring salad; roasted potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, quail’s egg & Dijon-mustard sauce
Marinated small tomatoes, Spring cabbage seasoned with ginger
Spinach terrine with roasted vegetables and goat cheese, Morel pie with spring onion sauce

From the forest and from the Krapi’s own smoke house;
Krapi style smoked herb marinated cockerel from Viskilä with pickled organic shiitake
Krapi style smoked organic lamb from Åland with roasted garlic sauce
Asparagus soup with green sprouts (soup will vary every day) & Krapi’s organic bread with butter
Homemade organic lamb sausage seasoned with thyme and crushed lingonberries and mustard
Ingredients for main courses vary everyday

Monday: beef, veal, liver
Tuesday: lamb
Wednesday: pork, wild boar
Thursday: game birds & small game lamb
Friday: Finnish fish; lavaret, perch, pike-perch, pike or salmon
Saturday: beef, veal, lamb & game;  
(vegetarian dishes we servce on a plate)
Finnish cheese with Krapi’s sweet compote
Pear and almond cake, Rhubarb and vanilla kissel with whipped cream
Krapi style meringue, marshmallow & nougat, Coffee and tea

Please, taste and enjoy…
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