Tuusula Lakeside Road’s culture caramel

Tuusula Lakeside Road’s culture caramel

A new culture house was opened in Tuusula on a Finnish Culture Day,
the 28th of February 2017.

Tuusula Lakeside Road is known for it’s rich cultural heritage, as  
well as it's famous and influential artist community. Some of  
Finland’s most popular works of art have been composed and or painted on the shores of Tuusula lake.

There is still a strong community of artists from various fields in  
Tuusula today. On the 28th of February (Finnish culture day), there  
was a grand opening of the new centre for culture, Krapi’s Paja.
An ensemble of local artists have been planning, building and creating  
a new standard of activity on the fields of Krapi since work on the  
foundation begun. Paja is being built under the supervision of Pekka  
Holma, the manager of Krapi.

Paja represents enjoyment of culture, delicacies and life itself.
Paja’s programme consists of a variety of culture clubs, shows and  
pieces of art from locally and nationally known musicians and artists.

You can familiarise yourself with the programme www.krapinpaja.fi

*The first product of Paja has been selected Visit Finland’s top product!*
"Take a break and escape to Krapi”-experience concept has been chosen as one of Visit Finland’s top products in 2017.

An escape room named “The Lost Eight” was opened in Krapi’s drying  
barn in fall of 2016. It is the centerpiece for many activities that  
bring together friends, families, colleagues and couples, providing a  
charming cultural attraction for all to enjoy.

For more information;
Anu Uhlenius, Paja’s hostess +358 40 1373 331
Mikko Sirén, musician (drummer of Apocalyptica)