Christmas dinner

Restaurant Krapihovi

Restaurant Krapihovi Christmas buffet

Traditional Finnish Christmas buffet

59,50e / person
23.11. – 22.12.2018

Mustard Herring, Christmas herring  seasoned with gluhwein
Sea buckthorn  berry marinated baltic herring and potatoes
Rainbow trout roe, Cavi- art seaweed caviar ,sour cream and red onion
Homemade terrine of cold smoked salmon with house’s recipe
Pike-  noble crayfish loaf with saffron– sour cream sauce
Lingonberry-marinated slightly salted salmon with cognac -mustard sauce

Krapi’s country style rustic pâté and mustard seed – pumpkin chutney
Liver pate and cranberry sauce
Lemon & Herb marinated turkey breast with apple compote
Smoked lamb and garlic – red onion compote

Forest Mushroom Salad
Herring and beetroot salad and sour cream sauce
Cabbage – celery- apple salad
Beetroot – barley salad with kale
Salad with pomegranate seeds, root vegetables, cheese and with apple vinaigrette

Christmas fish
Christmas ham, sauce for the ham and homemade mustard
Red cabbage braised in red wine, prunes, and peas
Homemade Christmas sausage, vegetable sausage & lingonberries

Sweet potato casserole, and carrot casserole swede casserole

Krapi’s home baked organic bread and butter

Cheese from Finish small producers & homemade compote & almonds

Cranberry - chocolate cake 
Plum kissel ja vanilla cream
​​Homemade marmalades
Christmas cake &  cinnamon cookies and biscuits, merinque
Coffee, tea

The set table passes on the story of the house. Good food is made with all that is available, every ingredient is appreciated and nothing is exaggerated. The whole heart is put to every taste. It is all recorded in the recipe book, the journey of generations. Herring, meatloaf, pâtés, sausages, salads, dressings, sauces, pies and puddings;  they all pass on a story of their own. Kitchen creates the soul of the house, delicious tastes and happiness... caring, the table is set.

Please, taste and enjoy...
Krapi dining room is set with a delicious story from the Finnish kitchen.
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