Five season dinner

Restaurant Krapihovi

Finnish five season dinner

The story of the Krapi kitchen is built of seasonal variation and fresh Finnish ingredients  from the surrounding earth, water and forests. Krapi grounds hold their own smokehouse, butchery and bakery. Everything on your plate is homemade  with pride and joy. Krapi dining room is set with a delicious and genuine Finnish handmade feast of the season … a delicious Finnish story.

Finnish Spring buffet 

Finnish spring delicacies in the restaurant Krapihovi from Mon – Fri from 5pm to 10 pm & Sat from 5pm to 9pm

42,00e/ person
Children 5-12years 21,00e, Children under 5y for free

Spruce sprout seasoned herring with dill marinated potatoes
Blancmange seasoned with rainbow trout roe
Glacier’s salmon with ginger
Glow fried lavaret with wild herb pesto

Fermented root vegetables with lemon sauce
Spring salad with rhubarb vinegar sauce
Russian small tomatoes with ginger seasoned cabbage salad and gooseberry chutney
Fennel in white wine with saffron sauce
Morel pie with spring onion sauce

From the Krapi’s own smoke house
Smoked goose breast from Hauhala with licorice root and apple butter
Smoked lamb leg with roasted garlic sauce,
Asparagus soup with green sprouts (soup will vary every day) & Krapi’s organic bread with butter
Krapi’s lamb sausage with crushed lingonberries and mustard

Selection of Finnish cheese with Krapi’s sweet compotes
Alexander pastries and biscuits & Cheese cake, Coffee and tea