Krapi Spring menu
Krapi style classics with pure Finnish ingredients

Smoked breast of cockerel with goose liver from Hauhala goose farm and elderflower  
Mushroom consommé with smoked lavaret
Finn cattle fillet steak with spring onion and potatoes with brown butter  
Birch sprout sorbet  
Selection of Finnish cheese with Krapi’s sweet compotes; Sea buckthorn berry and carrot, Blackberry and rosemary and Rhubarb and lemon grass
Carrot cake with toffee cream and cream cheese with lemon and champagne sorbet

3 courses  59,00e/person; starter with main course and dessert
6 courses 69,50e/persons

We recommend

Aperitif Vicarage Lane Bubbly Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, Uusi-Seelanti 9,00e/ 12cl

For starter Bourgogne Cuvée Latour 2015, Louis Latour, Bourgogne AC 11,00e/ 12cl

For consommé Château Carsin L'Etiquette Grise 2016, Château Carsin, AC Bordeaux  9,60e/12cl

For Finn cattle Cono Sur 20 Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Pirque Viejo Estate, Maipo Valley 12,00e/ 12cl

For cheese plate Maury Vintage 2014, Mas Amiel, AC Maury 12,90e/ 8cl

For dessert Château Carsin Liquoreux, Château Carsin, AC Cadillac 10,60e/ 8cl