Five season Breakfast

Restaurant Krapihovi

Finnish Five season Breakfast
in Krapi

The set table passes on the story of the house. Good food is made with all that is available, every ingredient is appreciated and nothing is exaggerated. The whole heart is put to every taste.
Kitchen creates the soul of the house, delicious tastes and happiness...
…caring, the table is set.

16,00e/ person
Mon – Fri  6.30am - 9.30am

(Please note that in July breakfast starts at 7am in weekdays)

Sat - Sun 7am – 10.30am

Barley porridge poached overnight
Cinnamon & organic sugar
Organic muesli from Sysmä
Corn Flakes
Krapi’s berry jam
Finnish berries
Fruit salad
Sun flower seeds,
Roasted ground nuts
Dried berries
Crushed lingonberry grains
Crushed Camelina grains
Vestola’s honey from Petäjävesi

Krapi style smoked bacon & chive seasoned scrambled eggs
8minute eggs
Karelian pasty with egg butter

Krapi’s organic bread;
Loaf bread Rye bread
Coquus’ potato seasoned Finnish flat bread and brioche bread
Organic crispy rye bread,
Glutenfree: crispy bread and bread roll

Kungsgård cream cheese from Ålandsmejeriet
& Edam cheese
Selection of Finnish cheese

Krapi style smoked meat
Herring of the season

Cucumber, Salted cucumber, SalaD

Apple juice, Orange juice & Finnish berry juice
Smoothie with berries or fruits

 Coffee and tea
Danish pastry with apple