Hip Hooray Finland & Hotel Krapi 100 Years!

There are many stories & generations in the history of 100 years in Finland. The Northern agrarian culture has shifted to modern European time.
The history of the Krapi estate on the hands of Holma family has traveled the same journey with the independent Finland. Along the last hundred years Krapi as well as Finland has changed its course.
Hand by hand with the independent Finland Krapi estate has lived through many faces and has turned from a farm to hospitality business with great service.
The story of Krapi estate 100 years is a story about agriculture & entrepreneurship.
At Krapi, we have gone through a lot, accomplished many things, always with the passion to lead our own way!


Hip Hooray Finland & Hotel Krapi 100 Years!

Overnight at 100 year old Hotel Krapi & jubilee menu in restaurant Krapihovi

Krapi’s “cattle mansion” - the largest cowhouse in the area-  was build the same year Finland gained its independence 1917.  Cow house was turned into a hotel 1987.  To celebrate the 100 year old building (cattle mansion). We have brought the jubilee years themes into hotel rooms and corridors.
In restaurant Krapihovi you can enjoy a jubilee menu Hip Hooray Finland 100 Years!

Package includes:
overnight stay at Relaxed Hotel Krapi in the old brick stables
Hip Hooray Finland 3 course or six course jubilee menu  in restaurant Krapihovi
Own sauna turn in hotel Krapi electri sauna
Rich breakfast buffet

Price with 3 course menu 107,50€/person/in a shared double or twin room
Price with 6 course menu 129,00€/person