Hip Hooray Finland 100 Years! menu

Finncattle in the jubilee menu

"Let us raise the Finncattle, eastern Finncattle ”Kyyttö”, The Western Finncattle, and the Northern Finncattle . It is a privilege to proudly serve pure Finnish meat with the history & tradition of over 100 years”

Beef ribs - foie gras terrine

raspberry wine jelly and fried homemade sourdough bread

Ox-tail and root vegetable broth
and Overcooked Beef ribs
Krapi's bright apple jelly
distillate apple and crisp roasted tongue

Braised, shredded sirloin roast
dark wine sauce, deep-fried parsnip and cranberry
Kyyttö's milk cheese
Krapi dried apple and seasons’ compote

Krapi flowers for Finland
 siren flower marmalade, strawberry sorbet and rose petal syrup


3 course menu 48e/person

6 course menu 69,50e/person

Menu available 2017